Pre-K School in Jackson, MS

At Prep Company Tutorial Schools in Jackson, MS, we believe that every child is born ready to learn. Set your child up for success with our comprehensive pre-k school program. Our experienced and dedicated team of teachers and staff is ready to help your child reach their full potential.

Individualized Instruction

Our pre-k school uses research-based methods and programs to help every child learn. Our curriculum aligns with state and national standards, ensuring that each child meets the benchmarks they need to succeed.

Along with traditional academic subjects like math and science, our pre-k curriculum focuses on students’ social and emotional development. The pre-k years are a time when children grow and learn rapidly, and in order for them to succeed in both school and the outside world, they need to have the appropriate social and emotional skills.

Prep Company Tutorial Schools supports each child’s learning needs. We offer instruction in both English and Spanish, and we take our students’ individual personalities and learning styles into account when we teach. With our focus on the whole child, we help each student achieve their potential.

Guided Learning

Rather than forcing young children to learn material by rote, our pre-k school’s philosophy is to offer student access to information and resources and to guide them along their way. Young children have a natural thirst for new information, so we give them the tools they need to discover it.

Our pre-k curriculum also offers many opportunities for hands-on, practical learning. Our students practice skills to reinforce the material, which helps them internalize and learn to use the information they learn.

Ready to Start

For more information on our pre-k school program in Jackson, MS, reach out to Prep Company Tutorial Schools. We have two locations, so please call the number of the school closest to you to speak with a member of our team.