Our Program

Every Classroom presents various tools with which to cultivate each child’s own garden of knowledge. We teach to the needs of each individual child. We work to help students meet their fullest potential while providing a safe and healthy environment. Our teachers act as a guide, allowing their natural curiosity to direct learning while promoting respect for all things and people.

Developing a curriculum around students interests foster motivation and stimulates the passion to learn. Given the opportunity, students input generate ideas and set goals. Students have ownership in the curriculum and they are motivated to work harder to master skills necessary to meet their goals.

PREP Company curriculums:

  • Waterford interactive personalized computer program offers a technology based early reading, math and science program with integrated assessment and teacher tools. Its personalized software adapts automatically to give each student a unique learning experience tailored to his or her skill level and pace.
  • The Marva Collins Method advocates a core curriculum that emphasizes phonics, reading, English, math and classics.
  • Frog Street is a research- based curriculum for Children from Birth to age five.
    Frog Street offers Professional Learning That Translates into Student Success. Their philosophy is, “When teachers excel students succeed”.

Frog Street offer Professional Development for each Domain.

Infant Curriculum

provides strong foundations for infants from 0-18 months. It is a comprehensive program that is designed to provide training in learning domains that are key to growth and development.

Toddler Curriculum

Provides the latest scientific development for students from 18-36 months old. Frog Street, designed around the latest early brain research, is equipped to foster essential growth, to nurture curiosity through exploration, to move children forward in Language Development, Cognitive Development, Physical Development, Social and Emotional Development and Conscious Discipline.

Three Year Old Curriculum

provides the cognitive, physical and social skills for students from 36 to 48 months old. The program also offers easy to use activities developed with activities and developmental domains that meet their needs.

Pre-K Curriculum

is a comprehensive, research based curriculum that integrates instruction of developmental domains and is aligned with state and national standards.
It includes: Integrated lessons with a defined scope and sequence of instructions; Social –emotional Development using conscious Discipline strategies; Differentiated instructions to meet the needs of all learners both English and Spanish.

It offers Math and Science, Social Development, Comprehensive support materials, Family Resources and Interactive Software.