PREP Company Tutorial Schools, Inc. is located in Jackson, Mississippi and reflects the vibrant energy of our city. Our motto is, “Every Child is born ready to learn”.

PREP Company has been in business for over 30 years.
We provide concrete learning skills that ensure a strong educational foundation for children from infant (10 weeks) through age 12 (After School Care).


We feel that if children are provided an opportunity, guidance, positive resources and creativity they will learn.

Our passionate and skilled caregivers and teachers are here to encourage children to develop the skills necessary to become academically and socially successful.


We have high expectations for every child. We feel that, the

“Parent is the first teacher”. By working together with parents we can successfully teach their child reading and math readiness, preparation for writing, writing, language development, phonics, reading, math, science and social and emotional skills necessary to move on to elementary school.

PREP Company is a Computer Enrichment Program. All learning skills are reinforced by the use of the computer and through Media (Waterford Early Learning and Frog Street Press) and The Marva Collins Method.